Faktum - Sammanslaget 2018 - campaign

Faktum - Campaign, Sammanslaget 2018



When: August 2018
Where: School (Yrgo)
Software: InDesign
Duration: 5 days



Sammanslaget is an annual, 5 day long advertising competition. Members from different media programs at Yrgo takes place; Digital Designer, AD/Copy, Event Marketing & Management, Game Programmer, IP Grafisk Produktion & Form, UX Designer and Web Developer. The team, that consists of one member from every program, get a brief at day one, and at day five they have produced a submission for an ad campaign.

2018’s partner and client was the Gothenburg-based street journal Faktum. The magazine have been sold by the homeless and people in social alienation since 2001.

At the last day of the competition, all teams submissions are shown to a jury, consisting of representatives from: Faktum, Evry, Humblebee, Aoki, Valentin Experience and Forsman & Bodenfors, among others. A few of the total 21 teams the get to present their submission in detail to the jury, among with the rest of the participating teams. One winner is elected, winning the price of getting their campaign published in the next issue of the magazine.


The task

We were asked to work out a general idea and and a distinct concept for how the Magazine Faktum can;
-Make the seller more visible.
-Help the magazine to maintain their role as an important part in a more and more segregated society, where Faktum provide occupation to the people that is not naturally included in the society.
-Take the leading position and debate on issues like social exclusion and social sustainability in Sweden.
-The campaign should contain a solution for how the magazine can be more revenue-generating.

We were asked to to create a communication plan for how Faktum can reach out to the specific target group millennials, since the magazine are having a hard time reaching this group of people. They are also the fastest growing group not buying or reading Faktum, making them an important focus group. A prezice budget and a compendium explaining the idea behind the campaign were also requested, as well as two 100 by 70 cm big posters (details further down).


The main long term goal for the campaign was to reduce prejudice and reduce the distance between millenials and people in social vulnerability. To achieve this we worked towards millenials having more understanding and recognition factor towards homeless people, via our campaign. With our main copy “Sure it's sad to be ignored?”, with try to achieve understanding and decrease the gap between this different group of people.

Another important goal was to increase the numbers of magazines sold, via a physical meeting with the seller in the street. For example a new way ore technique for paying for the paper could be a part of the idea.

Events and tech

A part of our proposal was the so called Hej-eventet (The Hello Event). A happening were a familiar living room-like scenografi outdoors in the city center of Gothenburg would work as a meeting point for people from different society groups. If making this event a reality, we’d hope to make an impact in a person's everyday life, bring more understanding and hopefully decrease the distance between these groups of people.

We also had an idea to use Beacons, or other similar geo-tech, to send push notifications to people’s smartphones, when entering an area close to a Faktum seller. The notification would say  >>Hello! There is a Faktum-seller near you, come and say hi!<<. In this way we’d hope to decrease the distance (both physically and mentally) and create an opportunity for sales.


The Process

Working with the project was intense but extremely fun and I learned a lot working with my teammates. During the long days working with the case, I got the opportunity to learn more about other roles with different skills than me. We all learned about each other and about working in this new constellation.


>>Working with the project was intense but extremely fun..<<

The prints

We were asked to deliver two 70 by 100 cm prints, one being the actual printed campaign, and the other one explaining different parts of the campaign, (The Hello-event, social media campaigns...).
On the forth afternoon, print files needed to be handed in. The posters were printed during the night and shown to the jury the morning after.
It was interesting working with print. and I’d love to do more of it. It lets me work even more with colors and it fun to sometimes produce something physical. :)


The result

My team was happy and proud of what we’d achieved, both getting to know each other, working so well as a team and with what we delivered. We got great feedback from the representatives from the agency Valentin Experience, who said we had very interesting case and ideation. However, we unfortunately didn’t get the chance to present the idea to the jury.


Downloadable files for deeper understanding in the projekt:

Compendium - Material explaining the worked we did with the campaign.


Presentation - Material created to present our work on the competition’s last day.

My role as Digital Designer

Mainly ideation, the biggest part of the project. I got the feedback from my team that I brought up many good ideas to the table during the week. My role as digital designer led me to work to ensure digital solutions of high visual quality. I am happy with my performance in this project.