Iplay - Web Design

Iplay - Web Design

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When: March 2018
Where: School (Yrgo)
Software: Sketch,
Duration: 4 weeks


iPlay delivers a service that could be described as a LinkedIn for sporters – used by fans, athletes and coaches to build a personal brand and connect with others. I got the chance to work with iPlay together with 3 colleagues from YRGO; two designers and one web developer.


The task

iPlay wanted us to to create a simple landing page. The main objective of the webpage is to present their service and get users to install their application. They wanted us to make sure that the page would be easy to expand with more sports in the future. They would use our design as ideas for a future webpage.


Early sketches, mindmapping and a map illustrating the different users and what needs they might have.


Our process

We did not know each other as we started working on this project, and we needed a clear structure. I took the role as the leader and facilitator of this project. This meant making sure everyone had all necessary information at all times and being the point of contact for iPlay. My fellow designers and I started by doing wireframes, closely collaborating with the web developer to make sure what we envisioned would be realistic to build within the timeframe.  We showed the ideas to iPlay iteratively. We then moved on to designing in Sketch and later implementing the design in WordPress.


Our design

iPlay’s original website was unfocused, with a lot of information, but failing to quickly communicate what iPlay is about. Our focus was to create a more concise webpage. We excluded some content and managed to fit the important things onto one scrollable page, avoiding a menu. We merged iPlay’s 12 user groups into just 5, allowing us to address them directly so that everyone would feel that iPlay is the right service for them. iPlay was clear about that their main concern is getting people to install their app, so we added several calls to action to install the app. We also created a new slogan: We’re all in it…, addressing the user groups directly.

Gray box sketching

Gray box sketching



We delivered a new design for iPlays webpage. The design was implemented and working in WordPress. The result was used by iPlay as inspiration for a future homepage.

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iplay mockup mobile gif.gif