Internship - ICA Reklam

Internship - ICA Reklam

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When: November 2018 - May 2019
Where: ICA Reklam, Kungälv, Sweden
Duration: 26 weeks (6 months)


  • Episerver (CMS)

  • Photoshop

  • Facebook Ads / Business Manager

  • (former Komfo)

  • Google Ads

  • Follow-ups, analyzing KPI:s and statics


I’m currently at a six month internship as Web Content Producer / Social Media & Content Manager at ICA Reklam, Kungälv, Sweden.

ICA Reklam is the inhouse agency of Sweden’s biggest food chain ICA. ICA Reklam is producing almost every part of the ICA brand identity, except the well known “Stig-commercials”.

In my role as WCP (Web Content Producer) intern at ICA Reklam, I produce and publish content for Photoshop and the CMS Episerver is my main tools. All of and every individual stores pages is built (about 1 300 in total), is managed via Episerver.

ICA has four different “profiles” that the stores are categorised by depending on size and revenue; ICA Nära, ICA Supermarket, ICA Kvantum and ICA Maxi. After a couple of weeks at my internship I got asked to, besides my role as WCP, manage the Kvantum profiles Facebook content. The content includes recipies, campaigns and other related info.

It’s a stimulating and interesting process where I’m a part of the process from ideating and create the content, to deliver it to the client (Posting on all Kvantum store’s Facebook pages and get response from store owners).

Sketching, movie script

Sketching, movie script

Project Lead, Food Creator, Film Creator and I filming in the studio.

Project Lead, Food Creator, Film Creator and I filming in the studio.

Result, film (here shown as gif)

Result, film (here shown as gif)

From ideation to delivery

When working with Facebook content, I collaborate with a Production Leader from the Kvantum profile. Together we ideate what to post specifik weeks and what message we want to express, starting with small ideas based on theme days, holidays, seasons, the Kvantum magazine “Månadens Skörd” etc.
As about half of the content will be recipe films, I write a movie script that I deliver as a brief to the film team. We then have a debreif meeting with a Film Creator and Food Stylist, discussing everything in more detail. This follows by studio filming, me writing copy and deliver the product (image and video content) to the client - posting the content to all Kvantum stores Facebook pages.

I am stimulated by this process and love working out ideas and being able to work with the product all the way to delivery. I get to work with people different skills among the way and have contact and get feedback from the client.

At my internship i:

  • Use Photoshop and Episerver to produce and publish content for

  • Produce image content suitable for Facebook.

  • Write copy for content that I have produced and for videos made by the film team.

  • Write movie scripts.

  • Participate in filming recipe videos in the studio, witch is nice because I can manage how the the content will appear on social media from an early stage in the process.

  • Use and Facebook Ads / Business Manager to manage dynamic Facebook posts and ads.

  • Have direct contact with the client.

  • See the content reaching end users.

  • Do follow-ups, analyzing KPI:s and statics from previous posts and ads.


I have learned a lot during my internship this far: Communicate and work together with other roles in the office, produce, ellaborate and deliver a product to the client together with my colleagues.

Along with my technical skills, I think this is an important knowledge for future challenges.