Connect - app concept and app design

Connect - app concept and design

connect mockup top.png


When: April 2018
Where: School (Yrgo)
Software: Sketch, Flinto
Duration: 1 week


The Task

How can we increase the creative talent flow across national borders? My task was to come up with and design a tool that would help creatives find the right work all over the world and support them either before, during or after relocating.


Collecting data

I started by interviewing friends who had the experience of moving abroad to find work. We discussed the good and the bad associated with moving abroad, the worries and the triumphs.



My idea was to create an application for new professionals to connect looking for an internship with individuals at a creative company looking for interns. My intention was to focus on creating an application which would enforce a feeling of trust through connections between individuals, as opposed to applications to companies. The app would be a way for interns and their mentor to keep in touch before, during and after the internship.

skisser 02.png

Concept and sketching

The Connect app has all things related to the internship in one place. The intern and mentor can keep in touch through the app before, during and after the internship. It allows the users to organize all important documents related to the relocation, giving a sense of control of what is required of both parties for the relocation to take place.

connect wireframes.001.png


The final design was created in Sketch. I focused on creating a streamlined and professionally looking application, but with a friendly and talkative tone. The reason for this is that I want to make the app feel welcoming as the users may feel intimidated as they attempt to enter the professional corporate world.  The font and colors were no chosen by me as they were part of the task.

I did two user tests, using the think aloud technique, in order to get a better understanding of how I could improve the application. These tests allowed me to finetune the application, improving among other the navigation bar and menu.

I made a conscious decision not to add more functionality for now, as I want the application to have a clear place and purpose in the marketplace.

connect wireframes 02.001.jpeg

Final design

This is the final design of connect. First time users are guided through a short introduction and account setup. The user may choose to skip part of the setup to start look around in the application without having to fill in a profile first – but they will have to complete their profile if they want to make contact with a mentor.

The main feed shows a list of mentors who are interested in getting in touch with interns matching the user. The user can open the mentors profile to get a better understanding of what they are looking for and make contact by applying through a form – as defined by the mentor.